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Annie McWilliams has 20 years of experience in teaching dance. She attended Northern Illinois University for dance, studying ballet under Randall Newsom of the Irish National Ballet and studying modern dance Horton Technique, with master classes taken under Frank Hachett and Janice Barringer. Her prior teaching credits include Lead Dance Instructor at YMCA, directing and choreographing for Philharmonic of Naples, West Aurora High School Productions, teaching dance and creative movement with Nido Art Studio and the Artistic Director for A-Factor Dance Company. Annie and her husband Mike live in Aurora with their 3 boys. My dance philosophy is to be a great dancer you have to possess the passion to perform and the drive to apply yourself day in and day out. I strive to help dancers realize their potential while maintaining a respectful learning environment. My expectations for students is to always be applying and correcting themselves to better their technique. In my mind, attitude and effort are two of the most important aspects of learning.

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