Classes Age 13+

Age is computed as of Sept. 3, 2019. Dancer must be the correct age for class by this date to enroll. Dancers will remain in the same level through Semester 1 and 2. 

Ballet Levels 3-4-

Pre-Requisite: Must have extensive ballet training with instructor permission to enroll. Dancers will be trained in classical ballet technique with concentration on proper turnout, alignment, vocabulary, use of body, head and port de bras. More complex and rigorous Barre combinations and center work will be introduced in these advanced levels.

Company Ballet &
Conditioning 3-4

Pre-Requisite: Must be a company 2018-19 member and currently enrolled in ballet and jazz. This class is closed to company members only and will serve as a required ballet for all Elite Pre-professional company members Class will focus on classical ballet technique and conditioning. It will also include terminology lessons and increasing dancer strength and ability through classical movement. 

Pointe Levels 3-4

Pre-Requisite: Dancers must be currently enrolled in ballet 3 or higher. Prior pointe training is required. Must have instructor permission to enroll. Dancers will be trained in the proper technique for pointework. Class focus will be on ankle strength and flexibility as well as turnout and proper alignment.

Jazz Levels 3-4

Pre-Requisite: Must have adequate jazz and ballet training. Instructor permission required to enroll. Dancers will be taught proper dance technique with emphasis on stylization, use of isolations, rhythm and performance quality. Different styles of jazz technique will be introduced including Classical, Broadway, Contemporary, Lyrical and Jazz Funk.

Acro 3/4

Dancers will build core and overall muscle strength, flexibility and agility required to perform acro type movements with a dance emphasis.

Tap Levels 3-4

Pre-Requisite: Must have extensive tap training with instructor permission to enroll. Tap class will focus on development of rhythm, style, tempo and the dynamics and volume of sounds. A variety of styles will feature Broadway, Street and Rhythm tap.

Contemporary Levels 3-4

Pre-Requisite: Current Enrollment in Ballet is required.  This class is a fusion of modern dance technique and lyrical. Dancers will develop muscle tone and strength. A more liberating style of movement and choreography ill be taught to further the dancer's range of motion and promote well rounded dancers.

Hip Hop 3/4

Pre-Requisite: Must have substantial hip hop experience with instructor Permission to enroll. All classes will include high energy warm ups, and strengthening exercises geared to condition dancers for all styles and elements of hip hop dance including popping, locking, breaking and street style.