Days and times offered:

Saturdays- after 3:00PM

Sundays- after 5:00PM

Two themes to choose from:

Ballerina Princess Party (ballet)

Disco Dance Party (jazz/hip hop)




1.5 hour party for $125

2 hour party for $150 ($50 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve your time).  Deposit will be used towards the cost of the party.



Half hour of set-up time for you prior to party

15 children (not including birthday child) –additional children $10 each (up to 25)

30 minutes of dance class time-led by a staff member

45 minutes of your own time-use of our b-day party room to eat and open presents

45 minutes of movement games/activities-led by a staff member

T-shirt signed by all the guests for birthday child to take home

Colored Tablecloths